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President’s Report Feb 2008


The outstanding event of the past year has been major reform of local government that will finally see all of Mission Beach being part of one regional council, thereby achieving our goal of “One Mission Beach.” The Association had been active in direct lobbying to Ministers as well as extensive submission writing on this issue, and it was gratifying to have Mission Beach highlighted by the Reform Commission as a reason why change was needed. We are all well aware that the new Council faces considerable challenges and the Association is committed to ensuring that the interests of Mission Beach receive due recognition and action.


The Association did not seek the dismissal of the Johnstone Shire Council, but given the appointment of an administrator, we would thank Graham Webb for attending our meetings and giving frank and honest statements on the situation confronting Johnstone Shire.


Early in 2007 the Association presented to both Councils a comprehensive report on community needs called State of Mission Beach 4852. Some things were achieved - lighting outside the Mission Beach State School for example, but it is disappointing that no progress has been made on the pressing need for walkways/bikeways.


The Association has been a strong supporter of an aquatic facility for the beach and again no progress has been made, even though it has been clearly spelt out that it is a development that would necessarily be staged over time.


The Association set up a safe boating sub-committee which has actively worked to obtain a pontoon for the Clump Point ramp. This will be for small boats and does not solve the problem of the future of the Clump Point and Dunk Island jetties.


The renaming of Tam O’Shanter National Park to Djiru National Park was unanimously supported at our October meeting.


The draft Iconic Queensland Places Bill 2008 was released in December. The Association made two submissions prior to this and will monitor how the legislation will operate and its future applicability to Mission Beach.


The meeting format changed in 2007 to enable members to have more opportunity to raise their concerns, while still ensuring that governance items were dealt with. All correspondence is placed on the website, which has been made easier to navigate. Outgoing communications have consistent headers and a delete name option is available.


I personally would like to thank all the members of the Executive and sub-committees for their tireless efforts for which this Association owes much. I particularly want to mention that Rhonda Murdoch will be standing down from the Executive. Rhonda has led the One Mission Beach project and has achieved major success in planning changes in Cardwell Shire Council that have benefited not only Mission Beach but all of Cardwell Shire.


Warwick Jull

Correspondence Dec 07letter re Iconic status

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