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Our Purpose & Media Policy
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The Mission Beach Community Association (MBCA) was formed by Mission Beach residents and ratepayers (including non-residents) from Garners Beach in the north to Carmoo in the south in February 2005.  

Lack of progress by both Councils in jointly proceeding with their respective election commitment to provide a public aquatic facility for Mission Beach became the catalyst for informal resident action group meetings. This issue served to unite the community and led to the public airing of many other areas of inconsistency and dissatisfaction caused by divided governance. It became evident that a formal structure and organization would be necessary to address the many concerns of the community. The South Mission Beach & Wongaling Beach Community Association already existed. The Mission Beach Progress Association had already ‘folded’. Consequently, the functioning Association voted to broaden its sphere of representation to embrace all of the villages and within 8 months had 180 financial members and is still growing.

On its formation it was agreed the Association would focus on the following matters that are of concern across both Shires:

  • Town Planning Controls & Development Vision – Attaining consistency across both Shires to ensure preservation of the natural beauty, low scale amenity and conservation values of this World Heritage area
  • Rates & Services – Obtaining value for $ in the services provided to the Mission Beach district by Councils, separately and jointly.
  • Tourism – to encourage both Councils to jointly foster and appropriately fund Mission Beach Tourism.
  • One Mission Beach – to work toward merging the Mission Beach villages so that they are governed by one local government authority.


At a meeting in late January 2005, the goals of the fledgling Association were presented to the Minister for Local Government, Hon. Desley Boyle, and her encouragement and support have assisted in having MBCA recognized as the ‘voice’ of the Mission Beach community.


The Mission Beach Community Association under the direction of its members, has and continues to work towards achieving these stated aims and is proud to say  progress has been made in having Councils and Government recognize the aspirations of members.
On March 15 all of Mission Beach became part of the new Cassowary Coast Regional Council which meant that one of the major objectives of MBCA has been achieved.

Mission Beach Community Association (MBCA)

Media Policy


The MBCA Executive Committee shall nominate a Community Liaison Officer to coordinate MBCA’s media responsibilities and its communications with its members and the public generally. When the Community Liaison Officer is absent the Committee will appoint a replacement.

The President is the only person authorised to speak on behalf of MBCA unless he/she specifically delegates this responsibility to a Committee member.

All Committee members and the Community Liaison Officer must ensure appropriate levels of privacy are maintained in respect to all information forwarded to MBCA and/or directly to the Community Liaison Officer.


Significant statements made on behalf of MBCA must be authorised by the President.

All letters to State and Federal Governments and Cassowary Coast Regional Council and letters of support to organisations are to be written by the President or in his/her absence by the Vice President or Secretary. All correspondence is to be posted on the MBCA website.

Routine email enquiries to the Community Liaison Officer can be answered by .he/she. If there is any possibility that the issue may be controversial, then advice must be obtained from the committee.

It should always be made absolutely clear that items sent out are the view of an individual/media/organisation and not the view of MBCA. At all times consideration should be given as to how any correspondence may affect the reputation of MBCA.

The Community Liaison Officer’s (CLO) responsibilities:

o Circulating all media releases from MBCA and for mounting them on the organisation’s website and Face Book page. All MBCA media releases must also be checked and approved by the President or his deputy or a majority of the Committee.

o On Thursday buying the Tully Times and on Wednesday and Saturday the Innisfail Advocate and the Cairns Post.

o Reading these papers and looking for articles of interest to do with Mission Beach or the 4852 area. The CLO will scan the article, name/save it TT or IA + date and send it to MBCA members not before the next day after their publication. Send in 8 lots ; The MBCA signature should be attached at the bottom, with a disclaimer.

o The CLO should also check the www.cairnspost.com.au site and copy items from that site for circulation to members.

o When communication emails are sent out to members they should be sent ‘bcc’ to maintain confidentiality of the mailing list.

o Each communication email with attachments should not exceed 3MB.

o Items of interest from other community organisations and Cassowary Coast Regional Council, State & Federal Government sent to MBCA can be circulated immediately to members.

o Similarly messages sent by members requesting they be passed on must not be altered.

o All items circulated, be they messages or articles, must show the author/origin unless the source is clearly apparent. Again if there is any possibility whatsoever that the issue may be controversial, approval must be obtained from a majority of the Committee prior to circulation.

o Media releases from an Incorporated Body must be relevant to their normal purpose and when not sure advice should be taken from the President or Vice President.

o No personal/individual letters are to be circulated be they from MBCA members or not.

o No Letters to the Editor are to be circulated be they from MBCA members or not.

o After the Executive Meeting an invitation to the general meeting is to be prepared with information such as proposed guest speakers and sent out to members, the Mayor and Division 3 Councillor and the Member for Hinchinbrook. This same invitation is to be printed and put on notice boards at Bendigo Bank, Woolworths, Big Cassowary, MB news agency and Bingil Bay Café.

o Contact the Mission Beach Resort via missionbeachresortfunctions@alhgroup.com.au to confirm bookings of the meeting room and that it will be set up. The President of MBCA will prepare the agenda which is sent to members together with previous minutes.

o Minutes of MBCA meetings are to be prepared by the Minute Secretary and sent for approval to two committee members who were in attendance. Once approved they can be circulated as a Draft to all members

MBCA Website & Face Book: same policy as above.

o www.4852missionbeach.com (tripod/lycos password: scruffie )

o Must be accessed through Explorer/Edge

o Monthly fees (about $7) are paid by the CLO automatically.

o The CLO posts minutes etc. in PDF format. Site is to be updated regularly

If any unauthorised release of confidential information does occur, an investigation will take place to establish who was responsible and appropriate action will be taken.

The membership list of MBCA is not to be disclosed to the public.

The new pontoon at Clump Point boat ramp, a MBCA project