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A meeting between JSC and CSC will be held on the 16th August to discuss Divisions in the New CCRC. JSC Report: Graham Webb: There will be a 15% increase in rates this year, to deal with the reality of the financial situation of JSC. Annual increase at 6% per annum for the next 4 years. JSC has now implemented the same rating system as CSC and that is the reason that some rates have increased more than 15%. 30 Million Dollar upgrade for water over a ten year period. Some cuts in services; mowing of sport grounds and parks is being reviewed. The onus is going back to the community to raise funds for sporting facilities and other community buildings, which will be maintained by the Council. Workshops and educational forums for new Council Candidates will be conducted by Mr Webb. New candidates must be open, transparent and sophisticated (as per State) and be able to substantiate electoral promises. The Reform Commission in its report overstated the financial position of JSC due to the $23.5 million Cyclone Larry funding being included. The Government is being lobbied to honour its promise of financial assistance to the new CCRC. The budget will show a $2 million surplus which will be added to the reserves to maintain water & sewerage in the future. Mr Webb believes that Mission Beach is an Iconic Area and it is critical that CSC & JSC do not loose sight of this in the process of transition. A question from the floor queried where the new head office for CCRC would be situated. Mr Webb replied that the present JSC Council head office is not a practical building, even though it will be a pristine example of the periods architecture when Cyclone Larrys repairs are complete. Funding for the 2007 Aquatic Festival was denied but the $20,000 for the Innisfail Harvest Festival would be honoured as it was a pre-existing arrangement. JSC assets may be sold off to fund dollars for future infrastructure. Rates & Services: Michael Johnson: CSC has given us their reply and action plan re: 4852MB report. Michael touched on the Rotary Park upgrade and queried the time frame and passed around the plan. James Mort: Safe Boating JSC is supporting the installation of a pontoon at Clump Point boat ramp which will be a public asset upon completion. The pontoon will be self-funding at the cost of $100,000 from Superior Jetties for a 40 meter long pontoon. The community needs to raise $50,000 and the Federal Government will match it. Andrew Cripps will make further submission and will lobby for State partnership program. Andy Wright of Calypso Dive started the fundraising with a $10,000 pledge. Pledge forms will be circulated soon. Andrew Cripps State MP: He would commit fully to making the strongest submissions for funding of the transition process. Support was offered to the SES Dominic Mobbs queried his position in the de-amalgamation process suggested by the National Party in case they win the next State election. AC said he would support old boundaries and then the right of the local community to effect another change of boundaries. (round of silence!) One Mission & Planning: Rhonda Murdoch: Read out our 2005 Vision Statement for One Mission and is confident that there will be no going back. Rhonda explained the situation with regard to the Koda Street Development and a deputation will address Council on the 23rd of August. Rhonda suggested a letter be forwarded to the Minister to support 1. The name CCRC 2. The Divisions (Coastal, Rural, Urban) 3. Mission Beach to be in One Division. 4. The need for injection of funds. Action: Allan Ogden Motions: Rhonda Murdoch moved a motion that all of Mission Beach should be in One Division in the CCRC. Seconded: Dominic Mobbs CARRIED General Business: Lynda Hannah: The Terrain and CSIRO mapping workshops will take place in the week beginning 29th of October. Correspondence: on the website Treasurers report: Expenditure: petrol $ 54. Income: Membership $56. Balance $1,872.07. Minutes of previous meeting: Moved: Allan Jago Seconded: Bill Shannon Amendment: should read CSC new town plan should be adopted by the entire MB Coastal Zone. Letter of appreciation should be send to CSC and JSC and DMR. Meeting Closed: 9.15PM A workshop was conducted by Dominic Mobbs in relation of possible Divisions for the new CCRC. A Coastal Division was proposed and accepted by those in attendance. 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